Roman Klonek

Roman Klonek is an artist based in Düsseldorf with a love of woodcut prints. He has been a contributor with the The SRK's Stickerbomb sticker book series. He talks to us about his childhood influences and his woodcut techniques.

This penchant for the playful and bold have always been important to me. I grew up with Polish and Russian cartoons. Because we had no TV my father provided us children with these sweet Super 8 cartoons. We watched them over and over again. I still know the most of the stories. That was definitely a big influence. But... sure there is very long list of artists that inspired me over the years. Heinz Edelmann, Robert Crumb, Frank Kozik, Osama Tezuka, Yoshitomo Nara ... etc...etc..

I love to live and work in Düsseldorf but thats for sure an issue of familiarity. Düsseldorf has a big and traditional art scene. The art collage is world famous.

During my study in graphic arts there was a course in woodcut printing. I signed up and realised pretty soon that I had found my medium. With this technique I saw the opportunity to shift my drawings to a new... to a higher level. Also what was very important is the pleasure of handicraft. Generally I love the workflow, especially the cutting and printing allows me something I miss when I sit on the computer. A free moving space, a pleasant material, a knife in my hand instead of a mouse. And then of course the look, the look of a pre-digital time, the charm of imperfection, also... or better... the variety of imperfection. Every single print has got its own little faults, therefore every print is unique.

My favourite way to work is mass productions of drawings with all types of influences plugged one to the other. Different scopes of content appears to some degree. I pursue and focus these aspects and work them out... its my special personal concept, aberrations are unavoidable.

Triptychon - Fat of the Land

My latest piece of work - the Triptychon - is very big in size. It's also quite complex. 6 colours. It took me 2 month to realise it. Generally because I work with oil colours and every colour needs about a week to dry. I was very happy in the end because every single step is delicate. There are so many ways to ruin the art work during the process. You breathe a sigh of relief in the end.

The biggest challenge as an artist is: To carry on without applause.

In September I'll be a part of the "Buddy System Invitational Show" at the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland. I'll do a collaboration with Gary Taxali for this... which makes me pretty happy because he is one of my heroes!

Roman Klonek will be featuring in the forthcoming Stickerbomb XL book (Scheduled for release in October 2013). Find out more about his work at