Lucas Camargo

Lucas Camargo is a Brazilian artist and art director currently residing in New York. Under his 'Untitled Army' project he creates some of the most creative drawings we have seen. Lucas is also a regular contributor to the SRK's Stickerbomb project.

I am from Brazil, born in the small city of Novo Horizonte in São Paulo state.
I spent most of my life there, when I became 17 I went into the design college in a medium sized city called Bauru. After I finished college I worked as designer in Bauru for 4 years before I moved to the big chaos of São Paulo city, where I started works as an Art Director for 3 years before I came to New York, where I live now.

I love NY, it was the biggest move of my life.
I immediately got this connection with everything here. From the reality I had in Brazil it was a break through for me. All is connected, you move fast, and I feel the peer to peer thing. You don't need a car to explore it, you just need your curiosity. I would say the negative is just to be far from my family and my culture, but I feel that for now it is worth it.

My work is just a collage of things I like, there is nothing deep, I do it for fun.
It fills a gap in my life, it's like I have to do it. There are key elements that I like to use but my work is more an ongoing thing, tons of things I like together and constantly evolving.

I like to mix things, east and west, like astronauts and Japanese masks.
You will see quirky combinations of themes and techniques, that is my style.

Art was always with me, my most remote memories are related to drawing or copying some comic's characters. I was always trying to learn new things, techniques and styles.

I was exposed to real graffiti when I moved to Sao Paulo city, I was already 24 years old. You can see genius artists on the streets like "os Gêmeos", their work is just unbelievable, and for sure I have something of their inspiration in my work. I never went down to the graffiti vein with my art but I appreciate it a lot.

I think the most important thing that happened to me in terms of my art is the fact I was born in Brazil, that environment and culture.
I am glad that I had the chance to cross the world and get in touch with other places with the vision I have, i think this is what supports my work to be the way it is and is what pushes me forward in life.

I like different media, both digital and non-digital.
But what really makes me happy is to work with real materials. I always have a colorful painting going on as a long term project, but the black and white work with ink is what gives me instant pleasure. It is easier to finish a piece on ink and I can still put all the insane crafting that I love to do in a reasonable time…and I like that fact I can use ink on paper, wood or any other kind of material.

I am playing with this space meets quirky Japanese mask, but I am still adding things to it. On every new piece I push another layer into it, so it is something that makes me excited as I know there is a lot to explore yet.

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