Diego Medina

Diego Medina has been a long time collaborator with the SRK and a good friend. His organic and abstract illustrations have fascinated us since we first laid eyes on them and his great personality comes across in his colourful drawings. He is one of the very few artists who have contributed artwork to every one of the first four Stickerbomb books. In his first interview with the SRK he talks to us about where he is from and his obsession for doodling.

I'm from Brazil. I live in a city called Porto Alegre (that's Happy Port in English). It's located in the extreme south of Brazil, in a state called Rio Grande do Sul. I've been living here from day one. It's nice, not too big and crowded like São Paulo or Rio.

I'm a little bit like a hermit, don't put my feet out of home that much. I work at home, get my friends around at home, make music at home and so it goes. I don't think I belong to any community of artists at all. and I feel good about it.

I like making music at home, watching weird movies, having beer while talking to the people i love, recording stupid home videos, absorbing the information I want and in the way I want to.

Since very young my parents never told me what to do. Both are doctors but they let their kids find what motivates them. Neither of my sisters (I'm in the middle between 2 sisters) or myself, perpetuated the medicine path. Above all my parents have always been supportive and open minded for a lot of things and that's a huge blessing. As well as my friends in school. I've got a good group of friends that used to talk about music, make drawings together, let the imagination go far.

I love loads of information when i draw. I just can't find an empty space on a paper and not fill it with something. Anything. I love letting my mind and my hand flow through the paper. It drags me out from where I'm at the moment and puts me in another place, another situation. I draw something and then I have to think "ok, now how will I go on with this?", kind of a game. It's fun but at the same time it's work and makes my head spin in different directions.

I do like chemical stimulants, but i don't like to be high when i'm drawing. I like to have control of myself and at the same time not having control of myself while doing it. Being high doesn't give the control i need for making it. Music, movies, art, friends, life in general generate ideas.

At the moment i'm not into anybody, i just don't keep track of what's on and what's not nowadays. But I love Marc Bell (Canada), Terry Johnson / King Terry (Japan), Fabio Zimbres (Brazil).

I dream of going to Japan. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, anywhere. I think it would be a mind blowing experience. So many different things and different lifestyles to swallow up. I'd love that!

Right now I'm making new arts for a solo show and making arts for a skate company called Yerbah (www.yerbah.com) I also have to finish a 4 track EP and finish a kind of a soap opera with voice over.

Explore more of Diego's work at his website www.diegomedina.com
As well as his Flickr page.