About Us

STICKERBOMB is the product of spending too much time with graffiti writers and street artists who are addicted to putting up their name in as many places as possible!

As the first collectable, fully peelable sticker book series featuring illustration, graffiti and graphics, our stickers cover everything from motorcycles, cars, ice-cream vans, films sets to baby prams and strollers.

Curated and created by the SRK team (formally Studio Rarekwai, now Studio Rarekind), each book is filled with the best collection of sticker designs from hundreds and hundreds of specially selected artists.
The books have sold over 250,000 copies internationally and stickers from the books have been used as set decorations for BBC programs like The IT Crowd and Hollywood films like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

To date the SRK have released six internationally distributed Stickerbomb publications through Laurence King Publishing; Stickerbomb, Stickerbomb 2, Stickerbomb Letters, Stickerbomb Monsters, Stickerbomb XL and Stickerbomb Skulls with Stickerbomb Skate on it’s way.