Latest 'The Weird' Exhibition

Posted on July 02, 2013 by Gemma Stokes

The collective and international group known as 'The Weird' from different areas across Germany and Austria have opened their first exhibition in the US at the Inner State Gallery in Detroit, running up until July 14th. The show will be free and open to the public and will include work from all 10 members of the Weird, featuring a range of original artwork combined with paper and screen prints. 


The exhibition will be showcasing both of their vibrant and exciting gallery and street work. The Weird have painted murals throughout the world and have worked with clients such as Converse and Red Bull. Their first group show in Berlin in 2012 was a great success and they been featured in publications such as Juxtapoz and Amateur Magazine.


The Weird:

CONE (Munich) -

DXTR (Düsseldorf) -

FRAU ISA (Vienna) -

HERR VON BIAS (Berlin) -

NERD & QBRK are LOW BROS (Hamburg/Berlin) -

NYCHOS (Vienna//Austria) -


ROOKIE (Dresden/Münster) -

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