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Posted on June 11, 2015 by Stickerbomb Staff


Give us a brief introduction of yourself.

My name is Michel and I am from a little town in Ontario, Canada called Smooth Rock Falls where winters are very long, cold and secluded. 


When did you start making stickers? Why stickers?

I first started with my stickers way back in 2004.  I did them very differently from how I do them now because I was printing them at home and cutting them all by hand. I would sell them on Ebay and to friends but I stopped since it was too time consuming and kind of expensive.
Then about a year ago I restarted them again. Now in vinyl and printed in large quantity, most of them are completely new designs, but I did re-do and recreate a couple into my new style.
As as a kid I would collect all sorts of things; stickers, stamps, pogs, etc., and basically anything that was attractive to the eyes. I loved the idea of having a collection of similar things that came together as a whole.
I think stickers in particular are an amazing way to express oneself. It's easy to share your art with one another. Sticker slapping is awesome, and its great going back and seeing your artwork around from a while back.
Tell us more about your style
I'd have to say that my style comes from several heavy influences. As a kid I was obsessed with video games. In class I would doodle all the time. I would create my own characters, worlds, monsters and levels.
Later in life the influence came from tattoo art. I would buy flash tattoo magazines and be inspired by the artwork in it. I also always loved  all cartoons, but especially Ren & Stimpy.
What are your future plans?
To continue to grow my collection of stickers and to have a huge collection eventually. I also want to get more into paintings and traditional art, maybe even making my own vinyl toys.
Tell us some random facts about yourself
I have a cat named Tyrone, I'm French-Canadian, I'm a retro game collector, skateboarder and I'm really good at procrastinating seeing as I've been putting this off for months.
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