Artist Q&A | Mr Manok

Posted on April 24, 2015 by Stickerbomb Staff

Give us a brief introduction of yourself.

Mr Manok is that weird kid that eats sand and plays with crayons.


When did you illustrating?

I started back in 2010 when I realised I should put down the crayons and take this art business seriously with the intention of creating a career path. I also really needed a productive hobby back then.


Tell us more about your style.

It’s strongly influenced by cartoons and fast-food, the ultimate combo for success. I look up to a lot of character based artists like 123KLAN and Jeremyville.



Any exciting projects lined up?

I am working on a branding project for a new bar at my University. It’s really cool because my friend is the project manager so I get creative freedom when designing!


Tell us some random fun facts about yourself.

I’m indecisive, I’m scatterbrained and I’m hyperactive. I also like hip-hop, people, streetwear and bucket hats and I have a really short attention span which is why I always like to switch up mediums.


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