Artist Q&A | Mojoko

Posted on March 27, 2015 by Stickerbomb Staff


Give us a brief introduction of yourself.

Born in Iran, raised in Hong kong and educated in Europe. Creative Director of Kult Magazine, Gallery & Studio. Curator, installation & interactive artist. Age 37, Lives in Singapore and is overweight.


 When did you realise that art (and not medicine or accounting etc) was for you?

School. It was the only subject I passed. I learnt from an early age it was possible to enjoy something that was considered studying. I had very little interest in other subjects until I became much older.



Tell us more about your style. Why collages and mashups?

I react to everyday life. The exposure to infinite images and juxtapositions of age, style, culture language create patterns and ideas in my head. All this chaos demands me to make sense of it all, trying to put it all down on paper is an outlet for my brain. If I don’t do any work for a while the chaos builds up into anxiety and madness.


Any exciting projects lined up for you?

I am currently making work for a new installation, called House of Mirrors, it will be an exhibition during the summer with some sculptures and lots of new work, including silkscreening on antique mirrors I have collected form around Asia.



Tell us some random fun facts about yourself.

I was born in the Year of the Snake. And my favourite food is Steak.

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