Los Brujos Negros | The Black Merlocks

Posted on May 25, 2015 by Stickerbomb Staff

 "After years without moon and sun we were invocated back to this dimension at this precise moment of time" 

" We were needed"

Call them how you prefer: lost purgatory souls - devil storytellers or ancestral maniacs .Los Brujos Negros give us darkness, chaos, madness, action and complete savagery on stage. Being Stickerbomb artist Ioke's (Fernando Marquez) band, they are capable of all this by practicing alchemia , luthierism, curses, recipes, spiritualism sessions and tons of "direct to the vein- out of control” Rock and Roll

Oceans of Blood , Mental earthquakes and Black Rituals..

Their unique garage sound comes from a crude vision of how to surf inside a volcano. This thoughts began in medieval times when they were sentenced to death by hunger and isolate in subterranean dungeons. But all this centuries in prison only produce them satanic hallucinations and became even stronger with a clear purpose. Take it all

With this hidden faith is how they began to build their own instruments and effects.


Some technique quotes for best comprehension:

. “There is never too much reverb "

. " It’s all about the twang"

. “Got no Mojo, got nothing to live"


As the intense mental manipulation is already done, Los Brujos Negros are working on their ultimate stereophonic album. As we speak, expert minds in "Berraco records" are fighting with our peculiar hymns. Nan-Dog is the brave man behind the controls.

Recently a mad rock and roll friend from Portugal released a dirty garage- punk- rock compilation from bands all over the world.

Hit this link so you can download it and overexcite all your senses that Ioke wants to share with all you Stickerbomb fans!



Los Brujos Negros hit the third track giving us “ Criatura de la Noche” ( Night creature) their first single for their latest album about to see the lights in these fury months.

Never forget every time you close your eyes, Los Brujos Negros will be there, to punish you 

“ Con el alma en cada prueba”

Los Brujos Negros

pics : Noelia Cabrera ,Mireya Molero Denegri, Alejandro Olazo, Raúl “avión” García, Seimiek, Yilatio


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