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Posted on January 12, 2015 by Stickerbomb Staff

If you noticed some heavy wrestling stickers burning up the Stickerbomb store, then you'd probably be interested to know the man behind the madness. Russell Taysom is a talented artist we got to know recently who hails from the UK. We ask him some questions about what inspires him, future plans and random facts that you can get to know Russell a little a bit better with... 

When did you start drawing?

I started drawing before I started remembering things. But the first things I remember drawing were pirate cats based on some Errol Flynn film I saw as a kid and by Tom and Jerry.

 Tell us more about your style.

My style is my take on Mike Judge meets Derrick Riggs. I'm  also really influenced by Saturday morning cartoons and 60 comic artists like Robert Crumb Gilbert Shelton and S.Clay Wilson. Outside of illustration stuff I love outsider art and folk art. I 'm into stuff that is super flat and has weird perspective and scale. Folk art is definitely something I'd like to incorporate into my own work but I find that my style changes very slowly and although I might want it to go one way sometimes it does what it wants.

What inspires you?

Music and toys inspire me. Recently I got into this amazing sticker collection called Toxic High which I'm pretty obsessed with, I'm trying to collect them all. I think Pinterest is great  and recently got totally into all these amazing halloween decorations boards. I really love going to car boot sales and junk shops and looking for cheap bootleg toys or annuals. There's some amazing illustrations in these ladybird He-man books and this TMNT annual I got recently and I'd love to find more of them. Also old punk flyers, there's a great book called Fucked Up and Photocopied which I can't recommend enough and also now some great archives of punk flyers online.

What are your future plans?

I'm in an exhibition this year about British myths so at the moment I'm researching stuff for that. I found this one amazing myth about screaming skulls which are skulls which have to be kept in a certain place or they start screaming and a curse is placed on the person who moved them so I'm going to draw a series of them.

I also just found out you can get glow in the dark fimo clay so I wanna make some glow in the dark jewellery and I also want to design some more sticker packs. There's so many things I'd love to make into stickers but right now i'm thinking about Dinosaurs and Super Villains. I also wanna draw some old Universal Studios monsters for a sticker pack and call it Monster Squad after the movie.

Anything exciting happened in your life recently that you’d like to share?

A couple of exciting things happened recently. One was Love Buzzard's new EP came out which I did all the artwork for and was super happy with. They're a cool band and I've been doing illustration stuff for them for over a year now but this was the thing where it all came together for me visually.

The other thing was a collaboration with Yrstore Topman where I gave them a bunch of elements  zombie surfers and eyeballs with daggers through them and people could design there own tee shirts using a machine out of the elements I had drawn.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself!

I'll give you 5!
1. My first pet was a one eyed, black and white cat called Garfield. 
2. My favourite drink is cider and my favourite meal is cauliflower cheese 
3. The first CD I owned was Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden
4. He's my favourite wrestler to draw but growing up Hulk Hogan was my least favourite wrestler. The  Ultimate Warrior was my favourite.
5. I'm super into zines and I got into it because I wanted to be into my local punk scene but I wasn't in a band (also because we had free photocopying at my college)


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