Posted on January 06, 2015 by Stickerbomb Staff

Hey Stickerbombers, I want to introduce you guys to some of my street pics I've been taking here in Asia and abroad.

I also want to introduce you guys to my street zine 'N.O.Y.F.B' which I make out here.

It's primarily focusing on my own street graffiti stuff my friends and I do as well as any street work I see through my travels which I like, plus I throw in some of my graphics works for good measure. Its basic target is capturing some type of graffiti lifestyle....goofing around having fun, documenting weird moments and creating street portraits.

Basic Info; 'N.O.Y.F.B' (None Of Your Fuck'n Business is a reference from a pys-ops military term). I started publishing in 2010, a limited edition street zine consisting of 30 pgs colour/b&w with card stock cover. Content :100% pure street eye candy.

I currently sell it and if you are interested in looking for it, hit me up on my Instagram: DABS1YIA. My shop link is there as well.
Till next time!


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