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Posted on November 17, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

Illustrator, street artist, urban creature, self forced musician and rock and roll warrior Pher aka "Ioke " has been drawing everywhere since before he can even remember.

Inspired by punk rock, metal artworks, humor comics, skateboarding illustrations, prehispanic iconographies, cartoons , video games and graffiti artists, he would come up with a whole lot of drawings and monsters that he would simply remix inside his head.

He has been painting his mutant characters on the streets since early 2000s, travelled around South America and has had his works published all over the world.

Along with his passion for art, he shares a passion for music. Always present in the rock scene, he believes that a good show has to be complete with music and a savage live performance full of energy.

Some of his recent performances include, Aliento de Puta ( Whore's Breath), a performance about green rats that came from Mars to impregnate girls so they can rule the world.

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