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Posted on November 07, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

Born in the city of Rosario, Argentina and then moving to Buenos Aires, Mariana currently works as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator as well as a 2D illustrator for games.

Her true passion is art, where she can freely express her ideas without limitations. She first started doing live art in 2006, painting along the streets of Buenos Aires with a multicultural collective for a few years and has since gone on to participate in exhibitions of all kinds.

Spending her days surrounded by graphic designers and artists at work, exchanging ideas and points of view, she is constantly learning, crediting that to her own development as an artist. She is also inspired by films, music, photography, travel, literature, religions, rituals, costumes, masks; basically anything that explores how humans relate with one another. She’s also a strong observer with a dark sense of humor, having a special interest for everything related to monsters and horror.


At her studio at home is where she develops her work, and that´s when she finally connects all the things she has learnt, seen, heard or shared with by those around her. She paints on canvas or paper with acrylic paint, draws a lot, prints her own graphic zines as well as experiments with woodcut (in a very DIY way). 

She’s a fan of miniatures and makes her own mini zines and mini paintings. She paints and draws with great details anyway, so when someone carefully observes her work, they will find much more beneath the surface. The underlying idea is to create an intimate and quiet moment of dialogue where the observer stops for a while because they need to come close to the artwork to fully appreciate it, a difficult goal to accomplish nowadays with our fast paced lifestyles and many images making instant impacts but leaving no place for further thoughts or questions.



It´s worth the effort though, as she sometimes finds herself surprised at the extremely different and crazy feedback she receives, redefining her work all the time. Loving such interaction, that´s what keeps her doing what she does.

Here´s a link to her website to check out more of her works: cargocollective.com/cobrinha

Head back soon to see what else Mariana has in store for us!

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