Featured Blogger | Dabs1

Posted on October 15, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

Currently living and working throughout Asia as a freelance graphic designer and muralist, Dabs1 has been involved in the graffiti scene since 1993. He previously plied his trade in the video gaming industry before changing his focus to graffiti and graphic design.

Concepts for his works range from conventional 1970's-80's graffiti to "graffiti futurist" type themes, incorporating a broad mix of underground "street cartoon" affiliation,with personalized based lettering forms.

In 2009 he started publishing a personal street/art lifestyle zine project called 'N.O.Y.F.B.' and continues to design within the fashion and apparel industry; presently developing a clothing brand called DAMAGE.  

In the coming months, Dabs1 will be keeping us posted on the happenings in and around his world, stay tuned!

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