Artist Q&A | St Markus

Posted on August 04, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

St Markus is one of our talented artists featured in our Stickerbomb books who is from SP, Brazil. We chat to him about his childhood, what inspires him with his work and get to know Saint Markus a little a bit better... 

My name is St. Markus and I live in SP, Brazil and I would describe my work as mad!

I believe that my work is unique because I try to join everything I like and all that inspires me. I'm inspired by very old designs (Mickey Mouse/Felix and others) by horror movies and violence and religious art.

I have drawn since childhood, I know that is my passion because I never get tired of doing it! The satisfaction of finishing a project or when someone compliments your art is priceless.

Growing up in my home town was very calm. I spent a lot of my childhood watching TV, reading and drawing, it was so relaxed. That's how I create today.   

I live in São Paulo, Brazil, is one of the world's largest cities and urban art scene, here is very wide and varied cradle of many artists as Os' Gemeos, Crânio among others. The art is pretty spread out here, in the city centre or the suburbs you can find many styles and colours.

But if I had to pick one artist that inspired me the most it would be Mc Bess. I think that the best thing that has happened to me with my work is for people to say that they have been inspired by my art. For me this is priceless. 

When I am working I like to be alone, so I can think more and I find that this helps my work process more. My biggest challenge as an artist is to promote my art and get to be recognized for my trace.

You should look out for this artist. She is an amazing Brazilian artist - check her out! 

I'm currently working on personal projects and spreading my art, my dream is to exhibit my art for a gallery in Europe and the USA.  

In the future I would like to visit some cities in Latin America such as Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Cuba, and see the artistic scenario of these cities and get to know other artists.

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