Artist Q&A | Sebastian Martinez

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

Sebastian is a designer and illustrator from Colombia. We love his style and asked him questions about his work, future plans, what artists he enjoys and why he would like to visit London...

My name is Sebastian Martinez. I’m from Colombia. My work is a constant process of experimentations between images, graphics, typography, concepts and, in some cases, stupid thoughts. That's the way I say what I want to say without any restriction; turning complex concepts into simple messages.

I have always been looking for different ways to see the world, taking references from music, films, tv shows, literature or simply drinking some beers. I think my style has been influenced by the vision of the world of many people involved in arts, design, but I don’t really care to much if graphic styles are not following the same line. I care most about concepts and narrative.

I’ve drawn since I was a child, but when I was a teenager I knew the work of H.R. Giger and it made me think that design could be an opportunity to get a “proper job”, sometimes I think that innocence really cute.

I was born in Cali (Colombia) but I’ve been living in many cities of Colombia. Growing up in many cities made me understand quietly the daily problems of the country, seen from the experience of living in those cities.

Cali is a city that has a bunch of designers, illustrators, musicians, writers… I’ve seen how the cultural scene has grown  in the last 3 years, and now there’s a lot of artists from Cali being recognized around the world. Sadly there’s not enough places to show our works. Of course, the internet has made things easier.

Here in town there’s a lot of good street artists, so walking by is a great way to know the local art. As I said before, the Internet has given us another way to show what we do.”Cali” is a well known city to take a look on the social networks.

Being recognised for an unique graphic style made me think that I was getting stuck. I used to illustrate a lot of zombies, skulls and monsters, so I decided to try new concepts by working with more elements of graphic design: Typography, photos, file footage, 3d elements and charts. Right now I think that it's important to experiment different techniques for creating other ways to communicate what I want.

I'm always looking for ideas in books, movies, music or talks with friends. When I finally get that idea, I create a concept and develop it. I rather work at home, because it's a quiet place where I can use all my tools (computer, papers, camera, scanner, etc.). And just think in silence. That's priceless. Of course I smoke some cigarettes and listen to music mildly violent,  all that creates a good environment.

Getting a proper job has probably been my biggest challenge. I’ve done some interesting well paid projects, but the big deal is to get economic stability.

I could recommend some illustrators, graphic designers and a writer from Colombia like:

Miguel Tejada / writer

Mateo Aguirre (HEY BRO!)

Juliana Lov


Lieth Méndez

Now I’m running my own design studio called Cuántika Studio ( I’ve always loved the tittle sequences of movies, so I’m trying to get into this business right now with the studio.

I would like to visit London. Most of my references are from there (designers, musicians, tv producers). I would like to know  that strange magic London has, for creating such a great artists.

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