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Posted on July 21, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

Proya is an artist and graphic designer from Serbia. He has featured his work in our Stickerbomb books and we ask him questions about his lifestyle, art style and inspiration. 

My name is Nikola Prijic-Proja/Proya and I would mainly as digital doodles! What makes my work unique is a good feeling that I have whilst working. I guess as long as you feel inspired you can find inspiration anywhere.

I've always liked drawing and doodling so it's been always a part of my life I wouldn't say as a passion but more as something you like doing so you just do it.

It was great growing up in Belgrade. The whole country and my home city went through a lot of changes in recent history and it was really interesting watching the course of it and participating in the whole process.

Because the biggest city and capital of Serbia is Belgrade I think it has always had a strong art scene and I think that is the case today too. 

There are great locations for the art scene in my home town but it is depending on what kind of art you are looking for. At the moment a lot of things are happening in small area near centre of town and very close to the river called Savamala, these are worth checking out.

If I had to pick artists that inspire me the most they would be Max Bunker and Magnus. They are two guys that you just can't separate. They are the masterminds behind the Alan Ford comic book that I really love.

Having my designs printed for Stickerbomb is certainly on top of the list of great things that happened to me. I fell in love with the book since the first time I saw it, and to have my designs printed as stickers for whole world to see and use is something really fantastic.

I like to doodle and draw all day, every day. I prefer drawing while I'm alone and high with some music playing in the back. But I still have only one challenge and that is to collect , scan and arrange all the things I've made so far.

There are a lot of really good artists from Serbia that are doing great things that you should check out. People can follow the link below where a lot of illustrators and designers from Serbia and Balkans are being presented.

At the moment I'm doing a lot of different freelance graphic design work, nothing special really and doing my own stuff when I have the time. I am also in the process of doing artwork for the porcelain line that a friend of mine is making, so that should be interesting once it's done.

I would like to visit any city next, where I could learn how to surf and enjoy nice weather!

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