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Posted on July 14, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

Yuzefovich Valery (aka Banana Kruger) is from Beer-Sheva, Israel. Since discovering his passion for art as a child he has worked on his illustrative style that has been featured in past stickerbomb books and in music videos for local bands. We talk to him about important moments in his life and how his work process leads to his ideas...

I would describe my work as an Illustration of ideas in every media. But I don't think that I'm doing something particularly unique, however I'm trying to do my best. It is my family and friends that inspire me the most.

It was since I was a child that I first discovered my passion for art. But there were no terms in my childhood that allowed me to develop my skills. It was nature I think which helped me gain inspiration…

Unfortunately I don't know anything about local art scene, but there is a lot more interest around music in the town, In the past I didn't have chance to cooperate with the local artists, except musicians. Somehow I found them to be more open minded than the artists in my home town. 

If I had to pick one artist that inspired me the most it would be TOMATO ZERO!


My daughter's birth has been the most important thing to have happened to me. This has pushed me to work harder so than she can be proud of her dad.

I like to work by focusing on ideas and sketching them out. I often work at home, go out to a coffee house or walk in the Park. Other times it helps remaining silence so that I can gather my thoughts and ideas. I will also work for most of the day or late at night. I find that working at night is when an idea gets form. I choose not to drink alcohol only tea and coffeeinstead. Since I began to make art I drifted from a lot of social contacts but fortunately true friends have always stayed near. 

I don't feel that I have come across a biggest challenge just yet, but I am sure I will! But until now I can only share with you my happiness that i've had the opportunity to work with such lovely guys from our local band called "Tsenzura". I made a music video for them, the whole project took about a year to complete. You can view the result by following thelink below.

ריטה - צנזורה ( RITA-TSENZURA official music video)


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