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Posted on June 30, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

Ioke is a Peruvian Stickerbomb artist from the capital and the largest city of the country, Lima.   We talk to Ioke about what inspires him, what has led him to where he is now and what Peru was like as a place to grow up in. 

I would describe my work as free mutant savage creatures taking over the world and largely comic inspired.

I think what makes my work unique is that I don’t care to get 100 percent in a known style. I just paint and have fun, don’t care if theres dripping or a weird line, I just go on, tumba style. I first discovered my passion for art as a little kid, drawing scribbles and saying that they were spiders.

I grew up when it was the eighties. Terrorism, murderers and car bombs where a daily thing in Peru in the 80s, the violent element in my work may be because of that.

Places to chill... we always liked parks to have some laughters and unexpected adventures with friends, also we enjoy going camping to the beach.    

I would say that the local art scene in my town is growing.  There are some good new artists as well as old school artists leading their paths and developing their own style and ways to expand. Also lots of hipsters and wannabes that will soon disappear, hopefully...

I always preferred the streets over any gallery for art scenes in Lima. There are a couple of museums worth seeing though...

If I had to pick an artist that inspired me the most I might say Ed Big Daddy Roth and all that his work and thoughts lead to. 

I can't tell what has been the most important thing that has pushed me in my work.  Maybe the opportunities to be invited and travel to other countries, be published in books all over the world, it’s hard but satisfying work!

Pueblo Viejo in Puerto Maldonado


My work process usually is on the spot.  I have my sketchbook and search if any drawing fits a space or I create some new drawings at that moment.  I prefer painting with friends but there's no problem going by myself.  When it's murals I like to work during the day, people just don’t expect that you are doing something illegal, also if you want to do something legal its easier to get permission.  After the painting journal, it's always a good reason to have some beers and a good meal, occasionally with new friends, other artists or photographers or just chillers. 

My biggest challenge as an artist has to be painting an 8 floored building by myself with the risk of working on scaffolding.

Artists to look out for are Lush. I like what he is doing and he is hilarious. But also search for Fumakaka and My Extinct Crew. They have some great works also. 

Right now I'm working on some local projects but I can't tell because I am superstitious. But I would like to continue travelling, throwin' up my style...

I would like to visit other continents so I can get into other cultures as well as bringing my own, that diversity is shocking, interesting and the best!



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