Artist Q&A | Sanchia Hamidjaja

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

Sanchia is an illustrator from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is known for her detailed comic style drawings and is one of the leading illustrators in the buzzing Jakarta art scene. We speak to her about the scene in Jakarta and what motivates her to create art.

I am from Jakarta born and raised. I'm working independently although I am friends with most of Jakarta' s street artists / illustrators.

Jakarta is the ultimate melting pot. Everything and everyone from everywhere ends up here. The great thing about living in a melting pot is it allows me to explore and work in a variety of creative disciplines from the advertising industry, design to animation production.

It's a big enough city to produce all kinds of different talents and exposes us to so many international subcultural influences. Although it is difficult to maintain a relationship with the art communities because of the traffic and distance, especially now that i have a family of my own.

My work is unique because its handmade. I use brush and indian ink / acrylic mostly on paper and walls, I have very limited room for errors (especially on paper).

Because of my deep influence in comic art, my work embodies a lot of narratives, using mainly dystopian themes, as it describes best about life in Jakarta, the repetitive routine, the city's overcrowded population and the density of its infrastructures. In contrast to its themes, using small brushes and delicate inks lets me express a sense of beauty in the midst of all that chaos.

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