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Posted on January 06, 2014 by Stickerbomb Staff

Dragon Panda

I hail from the island of Singapore. Here we have a close-knit society of artists that crosses a wide range of style and genre, and revels in collaborations of the creative nature. Whether it's graffiti artists and illustrators or maestros in the art of new media, we have a good mix of talent that goes a long way in providing ample opportunity and means for creative play. The community also supports each individual's movement and growth. I'm traditionally an illustrator, so naturally I belong strongly within this particular community.

Singapore is an island with multi-cultural and multi-racial influences packed in its comparatively brief history. Today, it is less of a country and more of a cityscape thanks to its fast-paced progress. Although the nation embraces progress, I feel that society can easily fall trap to the manic rat race and we are left with no choice but to hustle and catch up, or we might lose out and fall within the cracks. On a positive note, the island city is definitely doing well financially.

I did art for myself because it is something I genuinely love and am passionate about. It is also an outlet and a form of solace. What really kick started the first showcase of my work was at the time when internet and blogging was in its infancy, and I took the first steps to sharing my art pieces (thus, my self and soul) across the world wide web.

I chose to showcase my work online as this sweeps a wider and more global platform [the just Singapore]. I hope to reach out beyond the shores and work my way in steadily.

Sushi Monster

I draw my inspiration from ridiculous excerpts of my life's adventure. They're honest, real and they make entertaining subject matter.

As an introvert child my doodles were my voice. I'm a daydreamer and I have too many clouds above me. It also helped that I had a huge chalkboard at home!

My work process is similar to storytelling. I ramble with a subject or concept that I find amusing at that point in time and build my tale around it. I prefer to manifest my ideas through acrylic and on all sorts of medium, from wooden chopping boards to everyday electrical appliances. Alternatively the traditional medium of pen and paper with a magic swipe of graphics editing program for the final colour edit does the deed.

The biggest challenge as an artist is to be an artist. Here where I come from, it is challenging and almost impossible to be a professional artist. Most of us hold a day job and pursue art as a passion on the sidelines. The standard of living in Singapore has trained us to be a 'work-smart' artist, rather than a struggling one.

I'm currently leisurely building my pool of artwork for further releases. I also hope to do more sketches and be constantly on my toes - creatively. About what's next.. I prefer to go with the flow : )

Talk Cock Sing Song

Eat Snake

Gluten Free

The Worker

Hell Lotus

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