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Posted on December 06, 2013 by Stickerbomb Staff

I studied art in Cluj-Napoca, the most important city in Transilvania. I then moved down south to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It is a sad and frustrating city because you can catch these glimpses of what the city could've been in a different historical context. What is nice though, is that it's constantly changing, and there are new stuff popping up all the time.

I don't really have a strong feeling of belonging to a community of artists, there are a few friends whom I worked with for different projects and shows. There is my girlfriend Aitch, who is one of my favourite artists, and one of the most important influences in my life and art, and also my friends Kitra, Sinboy, Noper.

Whilst living in Cluj me and my friends started one of the first street art crews in Romania. We used to do a lot of stuff together, working, drawing, going out at night to paste up and paint stuff, having beers. The feeling of belonging to a group, or a community was more present then, than here in Bucharest.

I always loved story-telling and imaginary fantastic worlds, I used to read a lot when I was a kid, I used to watch lots of sci-fi, fantasy, horror movies, and most of my childhood I really wanted to be a movie director. I like to think of my pieces as illustrations of untold stories. I even thought of writing some sort of background story for each character that I create, and then try to connect them somehow, but my thoughts are always so chaotic that I wouldn't really know how or where to start.

My girlfriend Aitch always inspires me and pushes me to try new techniques. I'm also very influenced by Bosch, Brueghel, Arcimboldo, Henri Rousseau, Victor Brauner, Walton Ford, Fernando Botero, Renaissance portraits, Vanitas paintings, Naive Art, African Art, Oriental patterns, stories, myths, old naturalistic illustrations of plant life, animals.

Discovering street art and being part of a cohesive group of people was the first important thing that happened to me and my art. The simple fact that I was doing what I loved, and doing it with passion, with no pressure. The fact that I met these people in Cluj, and we got to be super close friends, always hanging out together, pushing ourselves to do more and better, that was really important. I don't think 
I would've done it all by myself.

Me and my girlfriend love Lisbon. We are thinking of moving there for 3 years. We really love it and we feel super comfortable there, like we belong there.

Saddo and Aitch will be exhibiting their work in Canada in June 2013 at the La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa and the Parentheses Gallery, Halifax.

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